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Behind Closed Doors, by Susan R. Sloan

By ellent | July 8, 2011

I truly like Susan Sloan’s writing prowess and her social allegations.  She truly does tap into our subconscience in a world of hidden secrets and dark convictions.  Her books are few and far between, I think this gives readers a tremendous quality in her work.

I was first introduced to her writing with “An Isolated Incident“.  Well, she’s done it again with “Behind Closed Doors“.  She examines the psychological damage and impact abusers have on the people around them and how their lives are forever changed by the circumstances they are living in.

Behind Closed Doors is the story of 18 year old Valerie O’Connor who visits her sister in Boston and meets charming, gorgeous Jack Marsh.  She falls madly in love and marries this man.  On her wedding night she is sexually abused by her new husband and this is only the beginning. She bares 5 children whose lives are molded by their father’s abuse toward them as well as their mother.

It’s very difficult to feel empathy for Valerie as she continues allowing the abuse to herself but more so, allowing this to happen to her children.  Yet this is what happens in domestic abuse, self esteem is long gone and very difficult to walk away from.

Most people are not very comfortable with this subject but Susan puts this right in your face and you just can’t turn away.  She is such a skillful writer that her characters are very three dimensional and real.  Her story leaves a very lasting impression on her readers.

Behind Closed Doors, once again, has Susan addressing real social issues that go on every day and so many of us are either not aware this is going on, or turn a blind eye.

This is a gripping story of three generations caught up in an on going cycle that no one seems able to break away from.

As with all of Susan Sloan’s books, I am left with questions for myself.  Could I make a difference, do I know someone who is living in this form of hell?  Could this story make a difference for a reader who is living this kind of hell?

I highly recommend anyone who has never read her work to pick this book up or any of her other high powered novels.  She is an exceptional, powerful author who delivers exceptionally, powerful material.

To those of you who have read Susan Sloan’s other works, you will not be disappointed.

“An absolutely incredible story of revenge”  James Patterson
“A well-built and very powerful piece of fiction”  Cosmopolitan

Thanks again, Susan!





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Behind Closed Doors

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