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Creepy Doings – It’s Halloween

By ellent | October 21, 2011








What Creepy Doings are with us Tonight? A Bump or a Bang – a Scratch or a Bite!

Delicious darkness embraces this night!  Witches and Kittens grin with delight!  Ghostly waltzes send out such a freight!

Shadows of flickering candles on walls; their dance quickly rises, then suddenly falls.

Transforming shapes at the flick of a wick!  Or are these forms a Spiritual Trick?

Pumpkins displayed in unrivaled boasts.  Forewarning signs hang loosely on posts!

Demonic stars pierce night’s purple veil, dripping like diamonds over hill and dale.

Creepy, foreboding shadows glide past, on tree trunks and fences their silhouettes cast.

Oh my!  What was That?  Are things what the seem?  I could’ve sworn I just heard a Scream!

Ghostly Boys in Mom’s finest sheets!  Dancing with Fairies is Oh Such a Treat!  Cackling Witches shatter the night on mythical broomsticks, they ready for flight.

Ghastly monsters with hatchets creep by.  Bats are soaring ever so high!

Masks of Plastic and Hairy, Fiendish and Scary!  Prickling of Ears and Twitching of whiskers, while tales of headless horsemen are told in low whispers!








Devilry sweeps through this night!  Sharp and prickling like a watchman’s light!

The air is abounding with chatters and giggles; with added tones of snickers and sniggles.  Happy little goblins dig deep in their sacks, for much needed yummies and delicate snacks!  Little Beasts with treats, tired and worn, return to their homes before dawn is born!

Oh What a Bewitching… Mysterious Eve!

So Many Oddities!  I Cannot Conceive!

Puppies in Hats!  Bows on Black Cats!

What Could This Mean!

Oh Yes!  Of Course!  It’s Halloween!!













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