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Percy by Michael Shure: Book Review

By ellent | October 8, 2010

I was very fortunate to have met Michael Shure on one of my flights from West Palm Beach to Houston, TX.  His book Percy had just been released and  I had a wonderful time speaking with him.  He gave me a copy of “Percy” asking if I would be kind enough to read it and then let him know what I thought about it.

Later on I read the scenario and wasn’t quite sure if it was my “type” of novel, but I had promised I’d read it, so I did.   Wow! Did I ever! I couldn’t put it down!

“A boy stares at a storm-swollen Mississippi waiting to hurl himself into the maelstrom of bountiful wreckage. He will know “the instant when courage, purpose and good sense come together . . . waiting for the Lord to tell . . . when to jump.” Thus the kaleidoscopic tale of Jean Perceval Hays begins…..”

Jean Perceval Hays “Percy” will captivate your heart, your imagination and keep you applauding his sojourns from the very beginning of this story to the very last page!  Percy’s adventures range from the swamplands of Louisiana to holding the position of Captain on a Pirate Ship.  He meets Matumbo, a Zulu tribesman who becomes his life long friend. Percy finds himself in the middle of blood wars and blood diamonds. He joins with the Zulu to fight DeBeers and British mercenaries who have been raiding a slaughtering these people. The Zulu continue fighting fearlessly for their Independence from South Africa and Rhodesia. Through his incredible life’s journeys of corridors and mazes, Percy learns loyalty, true respect and sees himself and the people he effects in a much altering light. Eventually, he finds himself running from the law and must escape to Europe and eventually return to America.

Michael Shure has so eloquently written an incredible story about a “not so incredible man”, who through his many altercations, turns his long life into that of an “Incredible man”!  His writing is so compelling, rich and absorbing, it’s a must read.  It’s the Revelation of one man who started off as an unschooled boy, born in New Orleans (1874) to a Mulatto mother and a white father who deserted him as a small child; To a much changed man with a very full, rich life!

I really like the way Michael took Percy’s story around the world and then in full circle, returns him to his beginnings. Only the Percy who returns is a different man.  He understands so much more about his life, his choices, his heartaches and his atonements.

I can’t say enough about this book! I will say, I plan on reading it again!  And yes, I emailed Michael and told him his first novel was an incredible masterpiece.

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One Response to “Percy by Michael Shure: Book Review”

  1. Susie Moore Says:
    October 24th, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    HI Ellen,

    Thats aa very inspirational thought, brings me to times I thought something wouldnt be great to attend or watch or read only to find ,wow I am so glad I did.

    I just may find the time to pick this one up. thanks again

    susie moore
    skype smsforce