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Query Letters To Literary Agents About E Book Proposals – Three Warnings

By Reviewer | December 17, 2010

Question letters from first-time writers to literary brokers usually include numerous errors, mistakes which are simple to avoid. This tip sheet can save you the embarrassment of creating these blunders, especially in a query letter, which is the most important letter you may ever write.

In case you’re undecided why it’s an important letter you’ll ever write, just stop and think about it. If you happen to do not ship a query letter, how will you ever get a literary agent? And without an agent you will almost never get a ebook into print with a very good publisher.

Earlier than we get to the blunders, you must understand that we’re speaking about question letters to literary brokers about guide proposals. We’re not talking about question letters to editors or publishers. And we’re not speaking about question letters to literary brokers about accomplished manuscripts. Although in fiction you will need a accomplished manuscript, the fiction question letter is so completely different we’ll discuss that another day. Right now we’re solely addressing question letters to literary agents about book proposals for nonfiction. This is the primary kind of question letter agents obtain, it’s an important question letter in a author’s career, and it is the query letter that you will most likely need to ship first in your publishing career.

It’s also the question letter that contains probably the most mistakes.


The primary error is failing to incorporate all four required components of the question letter. These are standard, and leaving one out will finish the story right there — the agent will not learn further. The four parts of the query letter are the opening paragraph wherein you state why you might be writing to that exact literary agent, the second paragraph through which you describe your book, the third paragraph during which you describe your credentials, and the closing paragraph in which you ask the agent to request your ebook proposal.

The primary mistake you will most likely make is failing to inform the agent why you might be addressing him or her. It is a mistake because it places you within the novice class proper away. The agent is considering, “This author simply picked my identify out of a book. Maybe this writer has struck out with fifteen other brokers and I’m on the tail end of the list.”

Avoid this blunder. The primary sentence of your question letter needs to be a quite simple assertion indicating why you might be writing to that agent. For example: “I am writing to you since you represented The Da Vinci Code.” Finish of paragraph. Sufficient said.

With this opening paragraph you’ve got established that you understand who this agent is, you already know this agent’s work, you respect this agent’s work, and you are not simply picking this agent out of a hat. Hopefully, your ebook will even be considerably like The Da Vinci Code. But you get the purpose, proper? You’re sending queries solely to literary brokers who signify books much like yours. That is sensible, doesn’t it? An agent who solely handles mystery fiction isn’t going to care about your cookbook.

Choose the suitable agent, and begin with my prompt opening one-sentence paragraph, and you might be getting an A+ grade so far. I assure the agent will proceed studying, and that is greater than I can say for many question letters they receive.

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