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Real Books vs Digital Reads: Who’s Winning

By ellent | April 30, 2011

With the onslaught of digital books and their growing popularity I thought I’d just throw in my two-cents worth regarding real books vs digital reads. A book with either a hard cover or soft cover is three dimensional.  It has pages and it has a certain feel to it.  Having a real book, somehow, I can sense the work that went into writing this story.  A digital book is just that, a digital book.  You buy them, download them, read them and then – that’s it.  Granted they are easier to carry around and I think they are a great idea for school books! Digital books will remove a lot of weight stress from carrying around backpacks loaded down with all scholastic reads.

The Book:

Upon purchasing a book and reading it you have all sorts of alternatives for this book.  Some books you might want to keep because it’s something you know you will read again.

On the other hand, you might have a used book store either online on brick and mortar and would like to place this book up for resale.  No, you won’t get what you originally paid for it, but you will get something for it.  A lot depends on the condition of the book but it’s yours to do with as you please.

Another avenue that is before you is passing the book on to someone you know will truly enjoy the book as much as you did.  This gives praise to the author and keeps the story alive.

The Digital:

Upon purchasing your digital book and reading it you have no options.  This book is stored somewhere in time for you to possibly read again some day.  But outside of that, it’s yours period.

As I stated earlier, they are a wonderful alternative to carrying around a years worth of scholastic reads and definitely will prevent back problems.  I’m not quite sure, with a digital book, that there is a sense that someone really wrote this.

On the other hand, there is one upside to digital.  If you are someone who reads a book and then believes it belongs in the trash, you never have to worry about doing that again.  That is not to say that I will not shutter at the shear thought of a book landing in some landfill somewhere, because it’s been read and it’s a done deal.

If you want a book that can be passed on or you can possibly sell so someone else can enjoy it at a reduced price, then you are keeping a story alive.  You are sharing your experience with others and telling the author – Hey great job – Thanks for writing this!

I like getting a book with a wonderful dust jacket that shows the artist’s prowess.  An artist that has captured the essence of a story.  Nope, won’t get that with a digital book either.

I do have a small library of books that I will keep with me always.  The stories that had an impact on me and I will read again.

As always, this is simply my opinion, I believe I will continue to buy books and will pass them on for others to enjoy.

I will put them in my store so someone may purchase these books at a very reduced rate.  Possibly they can not afford new books but want so much to read a particular author and this is a great alternative for them!

I will hand a book over to someone in hopes that they will enjoy this book as much as I did.

And above all else, I will thank the author for their time, their talent and their hard work to give me knowledge, humor, mystery or even dragons and warlocks!

Whatever format you prefer, I do applaud that you are reading!




Here’s a great link to humorous videos on books vs kindle

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