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The Help by Kathryn Stockett

By ellent | December 8, 2010

This haunting tale takes you down a road less traveled.  The cotton fields, the melting hot roads of Mississippi to prejudices that needed to be buried forever.  This is human survival against all odds.  It’s heart-wrenching tales of human ruination brought on by others, just because they could.  The desperation of the black woman’s experiences and despair in the deep south.

This is the story of three very different women coming together; Minny and Aibileen, the black maids, and Skeeter, a young, white woman newly graduated from college. How different are they? How much are they alike? The story is exquisitely narrated by all three characters set to the backdrop of the deep south during the Civil Rights Movement.

Seemingly different from one another, these women come together for a project that will put them all at risk. They are willing to cross lines that are expected never to be crossed.

This book is deeply moving, poignant, humorous and sad.  Ms Stockett had created strikingly incredible characters that touch your heart. Strong women coming together, looking to understand, looking for a better way.  The Help is ageless and genuine.  It’s about lines crossed that are expected to be endured.

I was totally engrossed in this book. I grew to love and care for each of these women.  They made me laugh and they broke my heart.

I place Kathryn Stockett in the writings of Truman Capote and Harper Lee and other authors of this genre.  I highly recommend this book as a wonderful literary work.

Click HERE if you would like to read this wonderful story.

The Help
Feb 10,2009
Pub: Amy Einhorn Books

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