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The Wrecker: One Terrific Read!

By ellent | September 30, 2011

The Wrecker by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

-An Isaac Bell Adventure (10/26 2010)

The year is 1907: There is financial panic and labor unrest along with a series of train wrecks, fires and explosions sabotaging the Southern Pacific Railroad’s  Cascades express line.

Desperate, the railroad hires the fabled Van Dorn Detective Agency, who send in their best agent – Isaac Bell.  These horrific incidents are wreaking havoc on the Southern Pacific Railroads president, Osgood Hennessey.  He is constructing the massive Cascade Canyon Bridge in Oregon, if the project is not completed by winder, Hennessy’s bankers will withdraw all financing and his company will be destroyed.

Bell quickly discovers the saboteur is known as the Wrecker. He recruits poor, down-and-out accomplices to attack the railroad then kills them to cover his tracks.

It has been a while since I have truly enjoyed one of Cussler’s novels and this one was a great ride!  Its fast pace and array of interesting characters made this a really great read for me.

The historical details and technologies were extremely well researched making this story quite believable. While following Bell on his quest to run down the Wrecker, I also learned some interesting aspects about the railroads and their owners at the peak of their power.

The Wrecker had me page turning at a frantic pace, finding it very difficult to put this book down.

I hope to see more collaborations between Mr. Cussler and Mr. Scott.  This is the kind of thrilling adventure Clive Cussler fans are in need of.  I highly recommend this book, I enjoyed every minute!

There are 2 more Isaac Bell Adventures The Chase (11/6/2007) and the  The Spy (5/31/2011).  I hope to see more of Detective Isaac Bell.

Clive Cussler is the Author of more than forty previous books, including the Dirk Pitt novels, NUMA Files, Oregon Files, three Isaac Bell Adventures — to name a few.

Mr. Cussler has discovered more than sixty famous ships, including the long-lost Confederate submarine Hunley.

Justin Scott has twenty-five novels including The Shipkiller and Normandie Triangle as well as the Ben Abbott detective series and five modern thrillers published under the pen name Paul Garrison.

Here are links if you would like to read more about the Isaac Bell Adventures:

The Wrecker

The Spy

The Chase

Read! It’s Nourishment for your Mind!




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